CECIL COUNTY - The county sits in Maryland’s northeast corner, bordered by Pennsylvania to the north and Delaware to the east. The I-95 corridor that connects Baltimore with Wilmington, Delaware bisects the county from west to east. Off the busy freeway are the quiet back roads that lead to eighteenth and nineteenth century towns, Revolutionary War and Civil War history, fields and forests, and the thoroughbred farms that characterize the countryside at the head of the Chesapeake Bay.  Cecil County wraps around the upper end of the Chesapeake Bay. The county is known for its horse farms, historic churches and taverns, as well as an extensive network of waterways. Named for Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore and founder of Maryland, Cecil County was founded in 1674.


CAROLINE COUNTY: Welcome to Caroline County, located in the heart of Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore. Come and discover our natural beauty. We are home to over 5,000 acres of parkland and wildlife preserves, a perfect setting for year-round recreation. Visit our miles of trails available for hiking, cycling or canoeing. Wildlife enthusiasts will marvel at our hunting, fishing or boating opportunities. Golfers will find challenging courses to tackle. We have something for everyone to enjoy! Stroll through charming small towns, tour our historic landmarks and museums. We invite you to experience our Eastern Shore hospitality.


KENT COUNTY: Situated on a scenic peninsula where the Chester and Sassafras rivers meander into the Bay, Kent County has retained its serene beauty despite the passage of time. The coastline varies from historic waterfront towns dotted with marinas of all sizes to stretches of low, rolling farmlands broken only by the tidewater tributaries of the Chesapeake.


DORCHESTER COUNTY: Is known as the heart of Chesapeake Country. Rich in Chesapeake Bay history, folklore and tradition, Dorchester offers unsurpassed opportunities to experience a most beautiful and unique part of Maryland. With its pristine rivers, marshlands, working boats, quaint waterfront towns and villages among fertile farm fields…much still exists of the authentic Eastern Shore lands.


QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY: Gateway to the Eastern Shore. A world of scenic shoreline and fertile farmland. A land surrounded by the Bay’s waters and enriched by the vistas and seafood it provides. It’s a land with a slower pace and a friendly face inviting guests to stop and rest. If history and the romance of the water excite you, Queen Anne’s County is your place of choice


SOMERSET COUNTY is the southernmost county in the state of Maryland, located on the state's Eastern Shore. The county seat is Princess Anne. As of 2000, the population was 24,747. It is included in the Salisbury, Maryland, Metropolitan Statistical Area.


WICOMICO COUNTY was created from neighboring Somerset and Worcester Counties in 1867, "Wicomico" is derived from the American Indian words "wicko" and "mekee" meaning "a place where houses are built." Wicomico's County Seat, Salisbury, dates back to 1732. The area is rich in colonial and post-revolutionary American history.



TALBOT COUNTY: An area steeped in history. A unique blend of a small town atmosphere with a cosmopolitan population. Museum-Quality homes,economical tax structure, a safe atmosphere! There is a richness of the past, the joy of the present and warm prospects for the future. Close proximity to quality medical facilities. Talbot County is a place that can easily be called “home.”


WORCESTER COUNTY(pronounced /ˈwʊstər/) is the easternmost county located in the U.S. state of Maryland. The county contains the entire length of the state's Atlantic coast line. It is home to the popular vacation resort area of Ocean City. It was named for an Earl of Worcester. Its county seat is Snow Hill.

Marylands Eastern Shore

Land of Pleasant Living
Maryland’s Eastern Shore is an area steeped in history, with its unique blend of small towns, a cosmopolitan population, museum quality homes, and a safe atmosphere. The Shore lies on one of the largest watershed basins in the United States: The Chesapeake Bay, with 46 principal rivers, and countless creeks and bays. Captain John Smith described the Chesapeake Bay - “a faire bay…Heaven and Earth never agreed better to frame a place for man’s habitation.”

Why Marylands Eastern Shore

Centrally located - strategic and accessible - close to power centers with great wealth ~ easy access to major metropolitan areas ~ unique and picturesque ~ airport/ILS ~ Dominated by Chesapeake Bay ~ sailing capital ~ marine activity ~ great natural resources ~ hunting and fishing ~ golf ~ exploration ~ adventure ~ privacy!!!


“And so, in the middle of the Chesapeake…he turned his log canoe not to the turbulent western shore…but to the quieter eastern shore, and that simple choice made all the difference.”
James A. Michener, Chesapeake

Why Marylands Eastern Shore

Upscale ~ unique ~ diverse ~ superb hunting ~ fishing ~ sailing ~ boating ~ golfing ~ for lovers of sporting traditions ~ metropolitan amenities and services ~ culinary and culture ~ lively arts ~ recreation ~ endless opportunities!!

Why Marylands Eastern Shore

Recognized as the place to live - appreciation - economical tax structure - distinctive properties - as assets go, incomparable - ultimate waterfront havens family friendly communities - quaint downtowns - expansive waterfront estates historic homes so majestically grand, they hold a new way of life!!

Remarkable Waterfront Properties

Investment Quality Real Estate
Distinctive Properties - As assets go, land is incomparable. Ultimate waterfront havens, family friendly communities, quaint downtowns, expansive waterfront estates, historic homes so majestically grand, they hold a new way of life! Land plays a central role in defining who we are!Jonathan T. Ginn is a real estate professional with special market knowledge and strong competency. Jon’s approach to real estate is value-orientated, while offering a commitment to reliable, confidential service and guidance, which give his customers an advantage - the advantage of confidence.
“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eastern Shore Distinctive Retreats

Unique Chesapeake Bay Vacation Retreats

At Eastern Shore Distinctive Retreats, we offer you more than information and a place to stay; we offer the complete Eastern Shore experience. Take your vacation to another level of sublime living, and let us pamper of you.
Visit Maryland’s Eastern Shore, which has a relaxing and unique way of life that has a history that is tied to the Chesapeake Bay and its nineteen navigable rivers. As far back as the early 1600’s, people have thrived in this area because of its temperate climate and beautiful coastlines that make for beautiful waterfront properties. Its location has allowed people to easily travel, relax, and become part of a unique lifestyle that has developed over the years.
The tranquil living here is beyond expectation and quite accessible. Many of our retreats are located minutes from the Easton airport, various water ways for boating, and nearby towns.
While you visit an Eastern Shore Distinctive Retreat, the charming, quaint, and outdoor life of the Eastern Shore is enhanced by our concierge service that will take care of your needs. Distinctive Retreats offers the absolute Chesapeake Lifestyle, as well as, the peace of knowing we can arrange it all for you.

“And so, in the middle of the Chesapeake…he turned his log canoe not to the turbulent western shore…but to the quieter eastern shore, and that simple choice made all the difference.” James A. Michener, Chesapeake

Eastern Shore Concierge

Lifestyle Management
Let us offer you outstanding concierge services whether you are visiting or live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Experience Eastern Shore Distinctive Retreats and live the Chesapeake Lifestyle on remarkable waterfront property. We can arrange it all for you.

Eastern Shore Concierge is here to fulfill your wishes of virtually anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We love the unique requests of our members. We will alleviate the work that depletes your time and energy. Determine where and how you need assistance and we can accomplish it.

Live the Chesapeake Lifestyle and enjoy Eastern Shore Distinctive Retreat Vacation Residences. Have year-round access to an unrivaled collection of beautifully appointed waterfront residences. Your personal concierge will tend to your every need at your Distinctive Retreat so you bask in the Chesapeake Lifestyle.

Eastern Shore Residential Services provide you with real estate and property management needs. Our First Impressions service prepares you and your home to sell; Home Watch provides safeguards and protections: our Real Estate services offer to help buy or sell your remarkable waterfront property.

Membership gives you access to our Eastern Shore Concierge Services. It is purposely designed to provide exceptional service that fits your life and needs. We are here to offer you assistance today and for a lifetime.

Elevate your life experience with Eastern Shore Concierge.

Eastern Shore Residential Services

Eastern Shore Residential Services is the single resource that helps guide home buyers and sellers in locating service providers needed before, during and after a home sale or purchase. The program is designed to help owners with anything from home improvement services, to closing services, to home furnishing purchases, to utility hook-up and voter registration and many of your household needs. Residential actually can hire, schedule and bill services for our clients. A Concierge Service Counselor will provide all the coordination for the client. An Estate Management and Consulting service is available on a continuing basis, for owners who wish to have their future property in a perfect and worry - free condition from day one. Residential has pre-selected our “preferred vendors” list in various real estate service areas. This list includes everything from banks, home appraisal firms and lawyers to landscapers, painters and plumbers. Those that are on our list have agreed and committed to giving our referrals preferential treatment and service and sometimes, better pricing. Contact us and let us know your needs. We will then give you our recommended “preferred vendors” for that work. You or Residential then make the calls, decide on the final service provider and arrange for the work. Afterwards, we follow-up with you to ensure that the work was done timely and professionally. This customer satisfaction “scorecard” will help us continually hone our “preferred vendors” lists so that we can be assured that we are only making the best recommendations. Our attention to detail and personalized customer service has earned our company a stellar reputation and lifelong loyalty from our customers.

Chesapeake Lifestyle


Talbot County, Maryland An area steeped in history
A unique blend of a small town atmosphere
With a cosmopolitan population
“Museum - Quality homes”
Economical tax structure
A safe atmosphere!
There is a richness of the past
The joy of the present and warm prospects for the future
Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a place
That can easily be called “home.”